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Hathor Exploration Ltd. (CVE:HAT)

Hathor Exploration Ltd. (CVE:HAT) Daily Chart January 06, 2010
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - Hathor Exploration Limited Trend Analysis Marketclub - Hathor Exploration Limited Trend Analysis (What's this?)

Entry : $2.01

Buy between $1.95 and $2.05.

Hathor Exploration Ltd. is a junior uranium company focused on exploration projects in the Athabasca Basin of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. To date, the Athabasca Basin is the only location in the world that hosts high grade uranium deposits. Hathor's main exploration properties are located in the eastern side of the Athabasca Basin along the same geological terrain that hosts all of Canada's currently producing uranium mines and accounts for 23% of global production.

Hathor is currently advancing its Midwest Northeast Project which represents the best discovery in the past 20 years by a junior uranium company. Early entry into the Athabasca Basin has allowed Hathor to acquire a large and strategic land package in close proximity to the producing properties of Cameco and AREVA.

Hathor's goal is world-class uranium discoveries; Hathor's target is the Athabasca Basin.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

UTS Energy Corp. (TSE:UTS)

UTS Energy Corp. Daily Chart
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - UTS Energy Corporation Trend Analysis Marketclub - UTS Energy Corporation Trend Analysis (What's this?).

My next stock to start of this month will be UTS Energy Corporation.
We had a high of $2.45 which I for the moment will be using as entry price. I will however check tomorrow if I can get in with a lower price. UTS closed at $2.41.

Looking at the chart, UTS is undergoing a strong trend upwards. Today had a break from $2.30 on substantial volume. This could do well the coming weeks ahead. On the defensive side, if this gets below $2.15 then be ready to cut your losses and move on.

Then a little about UTS taken from their company website :

UTS principal focus is the creation of shareholder value through the production of bitumen from the oil sands deposits associated with the leases related to the Fort Hill oils sands project (“Fort Hills Project”), the Frontier Project, the Equinox Project, and the Lease 421 Area, in addition to the potential development of the Company’s other exploration lands located in Alberta’s Athabasca Oil Sands Area.

UTS holds a 20% interest in the Fort Hills Project through its interests in Fort Hills Energy Corporation (“FHEC”) and the Fort Hills Energy Limited Partnership (“Fort Hills Partnership”). The other Fort Hills Partners are Petro-Canada with a 60% interest and Teck Cominco Limited (“Teck”) with a 20% interest. Petro-Canada Oils Sands Inc. (“PCOSI”) is the contract operator for the Fort Hills Project. On August 1, 2009, as a result of the merger, Suncor Energy Inc. (“Suncor”) became the partner and operator of the Fort Hills Project (“Operator”) and now holds Petro-Canada’s 60 percent interest in the Fort Hills Project.

UTS holds a 50% interest in each of the Equinox oil sands mining project (the “Equinox Project”) and the Frontier oils sands mining project (the “Frontier Project”), both of which are located on the west side of the Athabasca River west of the Fort Hills Project. The Equinox Project bisects the Pierre River project operated by Shell Canada Limited (“Shell”) and the Frontier Project is located to the north of both of these project areas. UTS considers both the Equinox Project and the Frontier Project to be mineable oil sands projects. Identification of these projects confirms the value of the past three years of drilling and land posting activity by the Company.

In addition to these projects, UTS holds a 50% interest in 148,480 and 94,080 acres, respectively, of exploration lands to the east and west of the Athabasca River. These other leases include the recent discovery from Leases 421, 022 and 023 (the “Lease 421 Area”) and are expected to provide further opportunities and future funding flexibility for the Company.

UTS believes the exploration lands to the west of the Athabasca River, not included in the Frontier Project and the Equinox Project, may have the potential for in situ development opportunities using existing or emerging production technologies.

UTS believes that the combination of the Fort Hills Project, the bitumen resources and the exploration land assets on both the west and east sides of the Athabasca River (particularly the leases related to the Equinox Project and the Frontier Project) present growth opportunities for shareholders.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Results December 2009 ( + 30% )

CashHere are the results from December. Now, the end total would not have been my total gains, mine would probably be a little larger (I would have bought Mundoro around 0.85, Noront around 2.20,...) would I have invested in all stocks. Also, to keep it on the level I decided to stick with the day price of posting instead while doing my results. Since this is new for me also I'm just trying to find the ropes on how to handle this as best and honest I can. With my new stock picks I will in future post my exact entry on the chart image and in the article.

I thus expect those who read and interpret my charts to do their own due diligence as to which entry they choose and when to cut their losses. Again, these are LONG-term charts and are thus meant to be interpreted such.

Just remember to treat the stock market like you would do a little baby. Handle with care and remember, babies have temper tantrums, they make a lot of noise and they are all over the place if not carefully monitored. Also, most of these babies DO grow up and then again...some don't. Just like in real life.

Most alerts are from December the 4th and one I noticed only later and that was Merrex Gold Inc, but still in time to get some decent profits before the New Year. Also, I've added comments beneath most articles so you know how I feel about them at the moment. Still looking to add on those 30% gains, that's for sure.

Also, in January I will be posting some new YeOldGoldNugget Stock picks. Look out for them! Each month I will of course be adding new stock picks to the list because some stocks have already gone too far up however some are still worth an entry. Besides that, with a New Year comes new readers and to give everyone a go I think doing this on a monthly basis will suffice.

I will post an update on the charts with numbers in the red later on cause most of them are in my opinion ready to start their move up. Those that require so can always post a comment beneath an individual chart and I'll try to hasten it up. Before investing and putting any money in the market make sure to read my about page and also to do your own due diligence.

Update January 05, 2010

I posted some new comments at each article. Check them out. I can already let you know, there is only one chart or stock which has slightly fallen out of my favor and that is Noront Resources. If you had to choose any right now, from these,...I'd say Jinshan Gold, Gran Tierra, Sterling Resources, Corridor Resources, Kimber Resources, Gran Tierra and Continental.

Sterling Resources
Buy at 1.77
Now at 1.97

Corridor Resources
Now at 5.41
Buy at 4.90

Mundoro Capital
Buy at 1.00
Now at 1.23

Jinshan Gold Mines
Buy at 2.73
Now at 3.17

Merrex Gold Inc.
Buy at 0.79
Now at 0.94

Nevada Copper Corp.
Buy at 3.15
Now at 3.10

Globestar Mining Corp.
Buy at 1.08
Now at 0.99

Kimber Resources Inc.
Buy at 1.45
Now at 1.34

Contintental minerals
Buy at 2.30
Now at 2.13

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Buy at 6.32
Now at 6.00

Noront Resources
Buy at 2.57
Now at 2.07

Orko Silver Corp. is unchanged. Entry still at $1.20 and price now at $1.20.

Total Gains
Still beats any bank :-)

Update on those in the red (from my December picks) and unchanged on January 07, 2010 :

Orko Silver Corp.
Buy at $1.20
Now at $1.40
Going strong!

Nevada Copper Corp.
Buy at $3.15
Now at $3.25
Chart looks really strong. Look for the upward momentum to continue.

Globestar Mining Corp.
Buy at $1.08
Now at $1.11
Chart looks like up is where we need to look.

Contintental minerals
Buy at $2.30
Now at $2.11
Now, this is at -8% and yet the chart tells me there is potential upside from here on. At least from the chart there seems to be some support at this level so...not my favorite but I'll give this a go. If this support around 2.09 - 2.11 breaks then I would sell.

Noront Resources
This one has gone like you could read from the comment I placed (follow the link).

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Gone from a favorite to...well..GONE!

Kimber Resources is still do-able. Not a favorite anymore but do-able. From where we are at $1.40, at $1.30...KICK. Easy as mince pie!

If I really really really like a stock as in something I consider holding for longer then I will mostly make that clear. Orko Silver of course and Jinshan is a contender for such a title. The your own due diligence.

All other red ones, well simple, follow the trading rules and get out in time. I never take more than 10% losses and even then I check and see if I'm willing to take even 8% loss. Do your own diligence, each trader has a different trading technique, mine is never let a bad trade get worse and worse.

Very important to remember! You are investing to make money and not to lose it.

Also, markets move and stocks don't just keep trending upwards. Well, some do but most don't! Take profits and if you like the stock...sell on strength and buy on weakness! Else...exit and move on to the next.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merrex Gold Inc. (CVE:MXI)

Merrex Gold Inc. Weekly Chart December 29, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - Merrex Gold Inc. Trend Analysis Marketclub - Merrex Gold Inc. Trend Analysis (What's this?)

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, Dec 21, 2009 (Marketwire via COMTEX) - Gregory Isenor, P.Geo., President and CEO of Merrex Gold Inc. ("Merrex")(TSX VENTURE:MXI) announces that IAMGOLD has confirmed its approval of the 2010 exploration plan and forecast a C$2.5 million expenditure for Merrex's Siribaya Gold Project.

Commentary :

"Further to our news release of December 1, 2009 we are pleased to report that IAMGOLD has confirmed that it is ready to proceed with the proposed exploration program for 2010 at Siribaya." commented Gregory Isenor, President and CEO of Merrex. "Our option agreement with IAMGOLD requires a minimum expenditure of $2.5 million for 2010. Planning for this program is already well advanced and it is anticipated that the 2010 program will include extensive exploration on both the Siribaya 1A and 1B sub-structures and on priority satellite targets on other regions of the permits area including the extensive structures identified on the Babara Permits area."

Siribaya Gold Project

Merrex holds a 100% interest in an 800 square kilometre land package located in west Mali, Africa. The Siribaya Gold Project is joint exploration project funded by IAMGOLD Corporation, managed by a joint IAMGOLD-Merrex management team and the approved work plan will be operated by Merrex. IAMGOLD may earn up to 50% interest in the Siribaya Gold Project by expending C$10.5 Million over four years.

During 2009 over C$3,000,000 was spent on an exploration program comprised of diamond drilling, soil and termite mound geochemical sampling and an airborne magnetometer and spectrometer survey.

About Merrex

Merrex is a Mali focussed gold exploration company with experienced management, a solid exploration team, a prominent gold-producer as a partner and an expanding gold resource ... a winning combination which offers investors an extraordinary opportunity.


Gregory Isenor, President and Chief Executive Officer

This press release includes certain statements that may be deemed "forward-looking statements". All statements in this release, other than statements of historical facts, that address future exploration drilling, exploration activities and events or developments that the Company expects, are forward looking statements. Although the Company believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include market prices, exploitation and exploration successes, continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions.

SOURCE: Merrex Gold Inc.

Merrex Gold Inc.
Gregory Isenor
President and Chief Executive Officer
(902) 832-5555
(902) 832-2223 (FAX)
Renmark Financial Communications Inc.
Jason Roy
(514) 939-3989 or (416) 644-2020
Renmark Financial Communications Inc.
Barbara Komorowski
(514) 939-3989 or (416) 644-2020

Copyright (C) 2009 Marketwire. All rights reserved.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Orko Silver Corp (CVE:OK)

Orko Silver Corp. Weekly Chart December 04, 2009
Orko Silver Corp. Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

Orko Silver Corp. (TSX Venture Exchange: OK.V) is developing one of the world's largest primary silver deposits, La Preciosa, located near the city of Durango, in Durango State, Mexico. The La Preciosa silver project and adjacent mineral concessions cover 80,000 acres of contiguous mining claims.

On February 18, 2009, the Company released its 6th NI 43-101 compliant Resource Estimate. The La Preciosa deposit now comprises 47% Indicated Resources and 53% Inferred Resources. Current Indicated Resources are 10.64 million tonnes grading 0.27 g/t Au and 185 g/t Ag for a Silver-Equivalent grade of 201 g/t. at a cut off grade of 100 g/t. The contained metal equals 63.2 million ounces of Silver and 94,000 ounces of Gold for a Silver Equivalent of 68.9 Million Ounces. Current Inferred Resources are 12.0 million tonnes grading 0.25 g/t Au and 185 g/t Ag for a Silver-Equivalent grade of 200 g/t. at a cut off grade of 100 g/t. The contained metal equals 71.8 million ounces of Silver and 97,000 ounces of Gold for a Silver Equivalent of 77.6 Million Ounces.*

*Estimated at a 60 to 1 Silver/Gold ratio with metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns assumed to be 100%.

The current resource estimate is based on all of Orko Silver's drilling to date, including the 2008 drilling of an additional 205 holes (79,021 metres). There remains significant potential for defining a larger resource.

On April 14th, 2009 Pan American Silver Corp. and Orko Silver announced that they have agreed to form a joint venture to develop the La Preciosa project. Pan American will contribute its demonstrated mine development expertise, as well as 100% of the funds necessary to develop and construct an operating mine, in consideration for a 55% interest in the joint venture. Orko Silver retains a 45% interest fully carried to production.
Key aspects to the joint venture and the development strategy for La Preciosa include:

* Pan American currently operates 7 primary silver mines
* Pan American has completed 3 successful mining project in the past 4 years
* Pan American will fast track the deposit to production
* Orko Silver retains a 45% fully carried interest to production
* No financing risk or further dilution for Orko Silver shareholders

Orko Silver's shareholders will benefit from the financial capacity and extensive mine development expertise that Pan American brings to the joint venture as well as retain the upside potential for the discovery of additional resources from Orko Silver's exploration team.

Going forward, the Joint Venture partners have already begun releasing results from the 2009 exploration program which will include trenching, detailed metallurgical tests as well as more than 35,000m of diamond drilling both in the known deposit but also in the exploration targets previously identified by Orko Silver. Recent August 2009 drill results include assays such as hole BP09374, which yielded a true thickness of 32.68 meters grading 0.376 g/t gold and 245.4 g/t silver for a silver equivalent of 267.9 g/t and drill hole BP09359, which yielded 34.77 meters grading 0.278 g/t gold and 202.4 g/t silver for a silver equivalent of 219.1 g/t. These values are comparable with earlier drilling by Orko Silver at La Preciosa.

Orko Silver Corp - Developing One of the Worlds Largest Primary Silver Deposits

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Nevada Copper Corp. (TSE:NCU)

Nevada Copper Corp. Weekly Chart December 04, 2009
Nevada Copper Corp Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Nevada Copper owns 100% of the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Development Property in the Walker Lane mineralized belt of Western Nevada.

Pumpkin Hollow is an advanced development stage copper property, which contains Measured and Indicated Resources totalling 5.6 Billion pounds of Copper plus additional Inferred Resources of 3.7 Billion pounds of Copper (all using a 0.2% copper cutoff grade). This 9.3 Billion pound copper resource, 1.45 million ounces of gold, 55 million ounces of silver and 130 million tons of contained iron in 361 million tons at an average grade of 36% iron at a 20% iron cutoff was estimated effective June, 2009.

Contained within the larger resource is a high grade component of 77 million tons grading 1.7% copper at a 1.0% cutoff containing 2.6 Billion pounds of Copper. Ongoing drilling has yet to define the limits of this world class Copper-Iron-Gold-Silver deposit.

Robust Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) results were announced on March, 17, 2008, demonstrating that at a US$1.75 long term copper price, the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Project has a US$784 Million NPV at an 8% discount, with an IRR of 24%. At a US$2.50 copper price the project's discounted NPV at an 8% discount increases to US$1.1 Billion. The NI43-101 compliant technical report highlighted several additional areas that have the potential to further improve the already solid economic base. The detailed PEA can be accessed at

As a result of the significant increases in the recently completed resource estimate, Nevada Copper intends to update its PEA to incorporate these results and the positive results of its internal optimization studies.

Nevada copper reports robust results

Nevada copper reports robust results

Nevada Copper Corporation announced that it has completed a National Instrument 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment for its 100% owned Pumpkin Hollow IOGC Property in Nevada which incorporates a High Grade Case.

In March, 2008 Nevada Copper completed a PEA describing an integrated 60,000 tons per day open pit underground operation resulting in USD 552 million at USD 1.75 per lb copper price to USD 1.7 billion at USD 3.00 per lb copper price at an 8% discount rate. Capital costs under the integrated open pit and underground operation were estimated at USD 780 million including contingencies and working capital.

The High Grade Case incorporates the recent increase to Pumpkin Hollow's resource as a result of drilling completed in 2008 and 2009 and optimization studies focused on developing a production profile that would result in largely reduced capital costs and a project which would be resilient to lower copper prices while still allowing for the transition to the large integrated open pit underground operation.

Capital costs have been reduced to approximately 25% of that required for a larger 60,000 tonnes per day integrated open pit-underground operation. More importantly, the High Grade Case does not compromise the integrity of the large open pit project envisioned in the 2008 PEA and will allow for transition to the large integrated open pit underground operation on a staged basis.

According to National Instrument 43-101 guidelines, a PEA is considered preliminary in nature and includes the use of inferred mineral resources which are considered too speculative geologically to apply economic considerations that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves have not demonstrated economic viability. Thus, there is no certainty that the production profile concluded in the PEA will be realized. Actual results may vary.

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Sterling Resources (CVE:SLG)

Sterling Resources Ltd. Weekly Chart December 04, 2009
Sterling Resources Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Sterling Resources Ltd. (Sterling) is engaged in the acquisition of petroleum and natural gas rights, and the exploration for, and the development of crude oil and natural gas. On January 22, 2009, the Company announced the completion and testing of the Breagh well located on Block 42/13 in the SNS. In January 2008, it completed the testing of the Ana-1 gas well (formerly Doina Sister) on the Midia Block offshore Romania. The well flowed at restricted rates of up to 19.2 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d). In November 2008, the Company completed the drilling of the Cladhan exploration well located on Block 210/29a in the United Kingdom Northern North Sea. The reservoir logs indicated 25 feet of net sands with saturations of light oil. In November 2008, it also commenced drilling the West Breagh 42/13-5 well and its subsequent horizontal deviation, 42/13-5z. The horizontal section was tested at rates of up to 26 MMscf/d subsequent to year ended December 31, 2008.

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Globestar Mining (TSE:GMI)

Globestar Mining Corp. Weekly Chart December 04, 2009
Globestar Mining Corp. Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

GlobeStar is a copper and gold producer with operations in the Dominican Republic. GlobeStar’s Cerro de Maimón operation is the first copper-gold mine in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Islands. Construction was completed and commissioning took place in October 2008 and the low-cost Cerro de Maimón mine and processing facilities (both sulphide and oxide plants) are forecast to produce approximately 25 million pounds of copper, 12,000 ounces of gold and 553,000 ounces of silver during 2009.

GlobeStar is engaged in the exploration and development of copper, gold and nickel deposits in the Dominican Republic and in the acquisition of copper and gold properties in major Latin American mining districts.

The company also has a portfolio of industrial minerals properties which includes several limestone deposits in the Dominican Republic and a lithium pegmatite project in Quebec, Canada.

GlobeStar is committed to the highest ideals of leadership in the areas of sustainable development, environmental responsibility, safety and health.

GlobeStar began trading on the TSX in January 2007 (symbol GMI). The company has its head office in Toronto, Ontario and operates in the Dominican Republic through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Corporación Minera Dominicana, with an office in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

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Corridor Resources (TSE:CDH)

Corridor Resources Inc. Daily Chart December 04, 2009
Corridor Resources Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

Corridor Resources Inc. is a junior resource company engaged in the exploration for petroleum and natural gas onshore in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Québec and offshore in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the development and production of natural gas in New Brunswick.

The Corporation has gas reserves in the McCully Field near Sussex, New Brunswick and has recently discovered crude oil reserves in the Caledonia Field, near Sussex, New Brunswick. In June 2007, Corridor completed the construction of the required midstream facilities to connect the McCully Field to markets through the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP).

Corridor's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX"), under the symbol "CDH".

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Mundoro Capital Inc. (TSE:MUN)

Mundoro Capital Inc. Daily Chart December 04, 2009
Mundoro Capital Inc. Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

Mundoro Capital Inc. is a Canadian based public company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which operates as a mineral exploration, development and investment company. The ownership of Mundoro Mining, and its Maoling Gold Project, remains a key asset of Mundoro Capital and the Company will continue to develop the Maoling Gold Project. Mundoro Capital will also evaluate and invest in resource assets or companies in the natural resources field, which can create value for Mundoro Capital and its shareholders, using management's years of specialized experience in the capital markets focused on evaluating exploration and production assets, resource investment opportunities and structuring unique transactions for investments in the resource sector.

Mundoro Mining Inc. is a resource company focused on the exploration and development of the large-scale, advanced exploration stage Maoling Gold Project in Liaoning Province, north-east China.

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